Your HIPAA-compliant solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19


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electronic videoconferencing for your practice:

Connect with Patients Anytime, Anywhere

makes better care possible with secure, provider-to-patient videoconferencing 

that allows you to:

CGM ELVI Telemedicine 

  • Collect patient information
  • Share images, vitals, and findings
  • Provide HIPAA-compliant care from anywhere
  • Initiate treatments and therapies rapidly
  • Offer continuous care to immobile patients
  • Reduce the workload of your medical staff         

...all without the risk

of spreading infection.

With CGM's ELVI Healthcare Solution, 

You Can Ensure:

Eliminate Risk of Spreading COVID-19

Being able to care for patients digitally means 

that you and your staff can avoid exposure to 

disease or illness - a risk that is often unavoidable 

with traditional in-office visits. 

Patient & Provider Comfort

Patients can be seen by their physician from the 

comfort of their own home, and providers can 

attend to patients from anywhere, 

at any time with a HIPAA-compliant solution.

More Timely, Effective Care

Diagnosing and treating patients both quickly and effectively has never been simpler with CGM ELVI Telemedicine. Prescribe medication and provide 

treatment regimens to patients with ease.

Combating the Spread of COVID-19

with Telemedicine

In-person office visits are not only risking the spread of infection to your medical staff and other patients but are also requiring medical staff to work overtime to try to accommodate the current overwhelming demand for medical care.

The increasing number of citizens exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 continues to increase exponentially, and your practice is likely exhausting every method you can think of to accommodate the high demand for urgent examination and treatment.

Video consultations can help protect your own practice while preventing the epidemic from spreading. That is why we are offering providers a free introductory period of web-based video consultations with CGM ELVI. Do your part to mitigate the spread of coronavirus by requesting access today.

Exclusive Features:

- Accessible via web, mobile, or tablet

- Personal & secure video calling

- Sharing of images, findings, and vitals

- Compatibility with multiple browsers

- Works with all Windows and Apple 

operating systems

Here’s why medical professionals choose CGM ELVI Telemedicine as their trusted healthcare solution:

Improving Healthcare, One Provider at a Time

A.D. Yildiz


"Thanks to CGM ELVI, I can offer a real alternative to an in-person visit to my patients with limited mobility. Also patients who travel a lot for business gladly make use of CGM ELVI. 

Thanks to the video functionality of CGM ELVI, I can always visually assess the patients’ condition."

Dr. J. Gabriel


"CGM ELVI allows for a more regular communication with my patients – especially with those who have a long distance to travel in order to see me. Great!"

Dr. P. Rosellen 


"Very nice, I saved myself a 17-mile drive and the antibiotics could be administered sooner.

CGM ELVI is a real relief, especially for my patients. Thank you very much!"

Improve Tomorrow’s Healthcare 

by Acting Today

The current global health crisis has only increased the necessity for safer, more convenient healthcare practices.

Telemedicine is the way.

Today more than ever before, healthcare methods must be improved upon so that the world may be better prepared in the event of yet another widespread health crisis.

Get your practice on board

with CGM ELVI Telemedicine:

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